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Kitchen Extraction cleaning eliminates fire, odour, and hygiene risks. Maintaining your commercial kitchen extract system is essential.Contact us today for a quote.

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Extract cleaning is a critical practice that involves thoroughly maintaining and cleaning internal components and surfaces such as kitchen extracts, ductwork. This process is particularly vital for hospitality, dining, healthcare, and various workplaces businesses.

Unpleasant odours, damp areas, greasy surfaces, and dingy seating areas drive customers away and create unfavourable working conditions. Both insurance providers and property owners insist on strict cleaning compliance.

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How We Work

You are just 4 steps away from fire & Hygiene compliance. 

1. Choose the service you require.

Schedule a visit and receive a customized quote tailored to meet your business's specific requirements. Reach out to us to ensure your kitchen extraction and ventilation systems are fully compliant and well-maintained.

2. We Generate booking documents.

Once you have accepted the quote, we will follow up with an email to confirm your scheduled service date. This email will include all the necessary details and next steps to ensure everything is set for a smooth and efficient service.

3. Job Completed

After our team completes the cleaning service, we will provide you with before-and-after photos of all the work performed. This allows you to review and confirm the quality of our service, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the results.

4. Reports & Certificates

Our administrative team will prepare and generate the necessary post-clean documentation for your insurance providers or Environmental Health Officer (EHO). These documents are typically sent out within 3-5 working days following the completion of the cleaning service.

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Our Services

We are National Air Duct Specialist Approved and follow the NAAD21 & BESA TR19® satisfaction. We effectively remove accumulated grease, grime, and contaminants that can compromise indoor air quality and overall system performance by utilising state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. This meticulous cleaning process is essential for preventing foul odours, dampness, and unsanitary conditions in various settings, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and workplaces.

Maintenance Schedule

At a minimum, grease extract ductwork systems in operation should undergo cleaning on an annual basis. Nonetheless, many systems will require more frequent cleaning intervals due to their regular usage, specific industry requirements, and the location of the extract.


  • Why should I have my kitchen extraction system deep cleaned?

    We can support your compliance with insurance policy conditions and fire safety regulations by:
    ● Improving Hygiene Levels: Enhancing cleanliness and maintaining high standards in your kitchen extraction system to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.● Boosting Efficiency: Promoting optimal air flow and increasing the efficiency of your kitchen extraction system.● Reducing Fire Risk: Eliminating carbon deposits and grease build-up to lower the risk of fire.● Providing Compliance Documentation: Offering a post-clean TR19 compliant report to demonstrate acceptable hygiene levels in your commercial kitchen canopy and duct systems, and to show that you have taken necessary fire safety precautions.

  • What is TR19?

    TR19 guidelines, established by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), set the standard for the internal cleanliness of kitchen ventilation systems. These guidelines aim to standardize cleaning practices and emphasize the importance of regular monitoring and maintenance of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems.

    Updated in July 2019, the TR19 guidelines introduced more stringent criteria to address the increasing incidence of fires in commercial kitchens. Compliance with TR19 ensures that service providers meet the highest standards for reducing fire risks and maintaining safety in kitchen environments.

  • Is TR19 a legal requirement?

    While TR19 guidelines are not legally mandated, many insurers incorporate them as a standard within their policies. Insurers often require adherence to TR19 for coverage, making planned maintenance a condition of insurance.

    Failure to comply with TR19 can increase the risk of fire in your commercial kitchen and potentially lead to higher insurance premiums. In the event of a kitchen fire, a lack of TR19 compliance documentation or failure to use a TR19-compliant service provider could void your insurance claim.

  • How can our service help your extraction system become TR19 compliant?

    At Extract Compliance, we are proud to be a TR19 compliant service provider. Our deep cleaning services adhere to both BESA and NAAD21 guidelines, ensuring the highest standards in kitchen extraction and ventilation system maintenance.

    Our technicians are BESA-accredited and hold up-to-date qualifications, guaranteeing expert service. With every cleaning, we provide a TR19 compliant report that serves as evidence of thorough deep cleaning and your adherence to compliance standards.

    Our team of TR19 specialists is available to offer expert advice and recommend optimal cleaning frequencies to help you maintain compliance and enhance safety in your kitchen.

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