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Kitchen Deep Cleaning - More Information

Kitchen Deep Cleaning - More Information

Extract Compliance Ltd offers thorough kitchen deep cleaning services to all floors, walls and equipment. Grease and carbon deposits can build up in a commercial kitchen over time, resulting in potential cross contamination and fire risks. Scheduling regular professional kitchen cleaning and TR19 compliant kitchen ventilation cleaning will support your Food Standards Agency rating and help you meet safety requirements, such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005.

Our specialist kitchen deep cleaning services are carried out by our accredited expert technicians who have experience working in a range of kitchen premises across the UK, from small takeaway and catering outlets to commercial hospitality venues, hotels, bars, restaurants, food courts, schools and university canteens.

As a matter of law, commercial kitchens of any size must adhere to the strict legislation to ensure hygiene standards are met. Local authorities, the food standards agency, trading standards and environmental health officers have a responsibility to protect the public and ensure that premises with an operating kitchen comply with food safety guidelines. Businesses that fail to comply with the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 can result in the issuing of severe fines and the loss of business reputation and profits, as well as the potential threat of business closure for extreme kitchen cleaning issues. Poor cleaning can not only have a detrimental impact on your business success but can result in bacterial contamination, putting the health and wellbeing of your employees and customers at risk and increase the chance of pest infestations and the potential spread of the diseases they cause.

Standard cleaning routines will you help maintain good hygienic standards throughout your kitchen, but less accessible or hard to clean areas where oil, fat and grease deposits congeal on surfaces can be missed and become a potential breeding ground for bacteria.  Our fully trained technicians provide our professional kitchen deep cleaning requirements at a time convenient to your business. Burnt carbon and fat deposits are removed, and our experts deep clean and sanitise your kitchen floors, walls, ceiling, cooking areas, surfaces, light fittings and kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, as well as those harder to reach areas. This will support you to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout your kitchen and comply with relevant legislation and guidelines.

Cleanliness within any area of your commercial kitchen premises is fundamental to the safe running and maintenance of your business. With our Kitchen Hygiene contract service, Extract Compliance will provide your business with a ‘Hygiene Log’ that enables you to easily and simply demonstrate your ‘due diligence’ in minimising health risks to the local authorities, trading food standards and environmental health officers.

1. Increased Hygiene

  1. Reduce the threat of cross contamination
  2. Reduce the number of customer complaints
  3. Better quality working conditions for staff

2. Increased Efficiency and Longer Equipment Life

  1. Lower maintenance and running cost

3. Reduced Risks of Fire Hazards

  1. Potentially lowering insurance premiums
  2. Improved Health and Safety environment

4. Comply with Food Hygiene and Kitchen Safety Regulations

  1. Reducing the risk of fines and prosecution
  2. Reduce the risk of transmitting foodborne disease
  3. Support your Food Standards Agency hygiene rating

To book your FREE site survey or for more information on our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, contact us  or call us.

As part of our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service, we will provide a high standard of kitchen deep cleaning solution specifically tailored to your premise’s needs. Once you have contacted us about our kitchen deep cleaning service, one of our locally-based specialist consultants will be in touch to discuss your kitchen cleaning requirements and provide you with a specifically tailored quote following our FREE survey of your premises.

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